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Victron Multiplus-II 4000W inverter


Victron Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 4000W inverter/charger with CGX


The MultiPlus-II with CGX fits seamlessly into all common energy storage topologies

An Inverter/Charger with device networking built-in, the MultiPlus-II GX communicates with a solar charger, batteries, and other devices to control a grid-connected, off-grid, or remote power installation. Capable of parallel operation for increased power output, or battery charge-rates, the MultiPlus-II GX can also be configured for three-phase supply. A host of advanced features – such as uninterrupted power supply, setting load limits, and supplementing limited grid-power availability with battery power – can all be controlled straight from your phone or smart device. Remote monitoring is also possible.

• Will temporarily store excess solar power in the battery.

• Can be configured to operate with a PV array and a MPPT solar charge controller, or with a PV array and a PV inverter.

• Can control the power flow to and from the grid. When connected in series with the incoming power line, the internal power meter can be used. Several wired and wireless external power meter solutions are available for other configurations.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 21.8 × 25.8 × 36.2 cm


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